Monday, February 10, 2014

Sure I'll Pay $20.00!

Hey from snowy Portland. I feel like a Alanis Morrisette song. Isn't it ironic, I write a love letter to Portland. Thanking it for not raining on me to much and that very day it starts to dump 8 inches on us....Dontcha think?

So we did more of this.....

than this.....

But I did get in one good haul before we got dumped on. This was baby palooza. I found a whole lotta vintage baby clothes. But lots do well for me so sshyeeahhh cool.  I also found a lot of general clothing. which is the vast majority of what I sell so I was happy with that. Designer name's where I was saying things like. "F**k you," Out of disbelief. Do you ever do that? Become a sailor when you see something really good and you can't believe its been sitting there for awhile without someone freaking out and doing like a back flip to get to it? No, just me? All right then.

I thought you all might find this snort worthy.

Why I do declare, I bought it for less than a dollar. So I think $20.00 was way off. You silly goose.

And this book made me go "aw!" like a little girl. I think my heart kinda stuttered too. 

But while editing this picture. These two started to creep me out a little. They look like little serial killers in the making, especially Bobby. Betty would be more of a black widow, I do believe.

It is a pretty cool kids book though. It has different layers each with a flower thats they have planted in their garden. Its in fantastic shape but oddly no author. I wonder if it was a advertising piece or something. The world may never know.


  1. Those creaaatures, too cute :D

  2. That book is cute, but yes I have to agree, a teeny tiny bit creepy xx

  3. OMG...snow ferrets! Love it!

  4. I haven't been thrifting in over a week and since I'm going to San Diego tomorrow it will be at least two by the time I get back, withdrawlllllllllll:). I have a nasty sailor mouth a lot actually except around kids but I like to say fuck a lot and I love saying it when thrifting when I find something amazing as well as overpriced. Like a Calvin Klein dress for $79 bah! Yeah right! How about a wool janzen suit from the 60's for $3, fuck yeah!

    Your book is sweet and creepy just how I like my cute to be. Loving seeing your ferrets in the snow.!

  5. I am not sure about the book, now you have me convinced those two are mean...

  6. I am curious - how old is that gardening book?!

    1. I'm going to guess late 40's early 50's.

  7. LOL! Serial killers! You've too much! I happen to have that same book - don't think I'll open it for a while.

  8. Ha...okay, they do look a little serial killer-esque now that you mention it. Great score on the linens, though! I love the grey borders.


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