Thursday, February 6, 2014

Love Letter To Portland

Dearest Portland,

First off, I have to tell you. I appreciate you not dumping rain on me daily like I was warned would happen. Especially since I took on the asinine idea to get rid of my car and only use a scooter. Super cool of you! I thank you from the bottom of my still used to the hellish heat heart.

Secondly, I don't know how to say this without sounding all lovely dovey. So I'm going to give it to you straight. Sometime's when I'm on your streets, my heart kinda skips a beat. You're just so beautiful. You with your old houses and that slightly decrepit look. I feel like I'm dating that rare creature who has good looks but above all character and personality. You constantly keep me guessing and I feel like no matter how long this relationship lasts you will continue to delight and amaze me.

Thirdly, the people who have decided to make you home are nothing short of astonishing. I wasn't expecting the laid back oh so polite way they deal with each other. Its rare to find someone as hyper as me but maybe thats for the best. Even though I'm finding Portland is chilling me out some too. I have no doubt its your lovely grey weather. Sure its obvious they have just about had enough of Phoenicians.  And who can blame them, I got sick of them too. I will say though I am your native neighbor. Which I haven't decided yet. Is it worse to have lived in Phoenix or be a native of Washington? And since I am a native of Washington and lived in Phoenix, does that mean I might be stoned? I can't decide how Oregon feels about Washington.  Do you think it would help if I just skipped the years in Phoenix, never ever mention the early years and say I was from Wyoming?

I could write books about the people who live here. Wholesome, beautiful, sometimes homeless, a bit wacky and other times a whole lot wacky. Sure some of the things that go on here leave me a bit astonished. But I promise only in a good way. All in all I've found people I can relate too. I don't know if I expected that. A pleasant surprise indeed!

I realize I kind of make fun of you in some of my blog posts. I swear to you its only tongue in cheek. Its just, the things that happen in my neighborhood can make it so easy. Hey its what keeps you interesting right?

Well anyway. I think your the bee's knee! Thank you so much for welcoming us with open arms. It doesn't feel like home here yet but I have no doubt it will soon enough. Before I go I do have one small request. Could you kill the people on the corner who keep stealing our stuff? I think I can speak for all my neighbors, no one would miss them a bit. Thanks, your the best!

With love and much respect. Kari