The Internet is Full of People. Here's a few.

Personal blogs- Many of these I have read for years. They have no rhyme or reason just people you find yourself wanting to check up on.

Can't Never Could....But I did.
Flower Patch Farmgirl
Katies Recycle
Say It Ain't So
The Militant Baker
Sea Of Shoes

Inspiring blogs- They one's that make you say, "hell yeah!"

Advanced Style
Militant Baker
Mornings With Madge
This Is Thin Privilege <-------Warning-I don't agree with everything this blog puts up. I also think some of the stories might border more on mistruth than truth. But they changed my mindset for the better. There is such a thing as fat shaming and it's persistent and pervasive. I've watched people get harrassed to the point of becoming suicidal. Stop the hate y'all.

More to come.......