Monday, February 24, 2014

The Toys Have It.

Shakes fist at Portland...DOH! Stop with the over abundance of cool vintage toys at super reasonable prices. You're starting to become like McDonalds, cheap and easy. Wait thats more like a hooker. Portland you're a hooker, there I said it. Come at me.

Estate sales rocked hard core and the best part is we just went, no early morning angst. No stupid signing of the lists. Just got in a car and went and wouldn't ya know it. It worked out just fine. So many lessons to be taken from that but lets move on.

Whats this? You have me intrigued with this basket making for girls and boys.

Oh man you did NOT just put cute primary colored animals on those baskets.

You did! If you where Ben and Jerry's ice cream, I'd tell you to get in ma tummy. But instead you can hang out with the ferrets in the "crafting" room or if I'm feeling full of myself "Art Studio."

Of course I had to find Fisher Price. Its almost a given at this point, I will find vintage Fisher Price at least every other month. Vintage Fisher Price is my kryptonite. It makes me weak like a little girl. I at least try to keep it to smaller pieces I've never owned. Which narrow's the playing field a lot.

Just look at those smiling faces. They make me want to believe in things like no calorie Ben And Jerry's ice cream that I can eat after crossfit because it has a ton of protein and (AND) will make my boobs perkier!

I do not have an obsession with Ben and Jerry's ice cream.