Sunday, January 26, 2014


Once upon time in a far away land (Phoenix). I was working a job that made me extremely unhappy and sick. The only thing that got me through the day was knowing these guys would be at home waiting for me. They make me smile everyday and they make me yell. They don't care about the yelling. Just the stinky hairless thing making some noise.
From left to right.
1 Beatrix and Weasus...not doin a thing here move along.
2  Zed and Beatrix hugging it out after a epic battle.
3 Zed pulling the food bowl across the floor to make the stinky hairless thing yell.
4 Fight!
5 I'm in your drawers dancin on your stuff.....and pointing out your drawers are messy. You may thank me later.
They are chaotic and wouldn't know how to do something productive if their lives depended on it. They sleep deep and play even harder. There is a lot to learn from the stinky little devils. May your Sunday be filled with heavy sleep.  Good times with your loved one's and absolutely nothing worth while.