Monday, January 4, 2016


2015 started with my first real bout of seasonal depression. I spent a lot of time in a cold warehouse learning how to live with it. 
When I was finally getting a foothold on the depression. It hit again.

On my own, I tried to cope with my new reality.

I didn't do a very good job of it.
During all that we were forced to watch one of our ferrets die. A painful unimaginable death.

Because no one would help him.
I also found out I would have chronic pain until I'm forced to get a hip replacement. I had to quit CrossFit and lost the only healthy outlet I had.

 And most of my friends along with it.

Something had to change.

In the times, I left the house. I usually ended up in the park. 

I started to notice the people around me.
Portland has become a mecca for the homeless. I wondered if there was anything I could do to help. 
I decided to volunteer. 

In doing so, I found relief by helping others. 
But before I could even take a deep breath I was faced with my bestest buddy Beatrix Kiddo in dire straits. 

I was devastated. For someone with not much of anything, she was my world. 
A tumor on her head was sapping the life out of her. Anemic, erratic heart rate with adrenal disease and a tumor, she probably wouldn't survive. The only thing in her favor was the miracle of a caring vet who specialized in ferrets (finally!!). 

My littlest buddy went under the knife......
 While she tried to heal my world started to gain a little more color. 

Christmas was here. 
I found myself surrounded by the people who I was starting to believe loved me. 

The best of friends. 

My kids 

My husband
I ended the year at the coast celebrating our 25th anniversary

We kicked 2015 out the door.

Took a moment to appreciate 25 years with my one and only true love. 

2015 was finally over.

2016 was here and the first day looked like this.

My people. 


The promise of color.

But lest you forget my little buddy the one who fought for her life. She's my first hint this will be a better year. 

Can you see it in the "what?!" attitude of one Ms. Beatrix Kiddo?
I can.
If she can fight that hard so can I. I haven't found my safe haven yet. No miracle vets for me. But I suspect even on my own I'm strong enough to do this. So I'm going to get to it. 

Here's hoping we all have a Beatrix Kiddo kinda year!