Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Community with a side of poop

Sunday I ran off around 11:00 to volunteer at a CrossFit competition. When I arrived I was told I'd be judging. Here's my favorite moment of the day. A little side note, judging in CrossFit is one on one so conversations can easily happen. During the first half of the workout the competitor I was judging told me his stomach was kinda hurting him. I told him there was no rule he had to keep going. What am I supposed to say? "Come on soldier, don't be a pussy! Work through that appendicitis!"

In the second half, he did a dead stop in kettlebell swings, looked me right in the eye and with the most deadpan voice ever. "I think I'm going to poop my pants." This I was not expecting, who would? I love that he used poop instead of a more adult word like crap or shit. I kind of felt like I was dealing with a toddler. Like he expected me to pick him up and carry him off to the potty. Now to give the poor guy some credit it was really hot and he was completely exhausted. It was the second to the last round and they had just found out there was going to be a third.

So I gave him two options. I told him he could be a serious badass, crap his pants and keep going. Or he could go to the bathroom. He continued to look at me with his truly sad eyes. He then looked over to the bathroom. After contemplating it for a second, he sighed, tightened up his butt cheeks and continued to do the kettlebell swings. By damn if he didn't finish, prairie dogging it the whole time. Come on, isn't he your new hero too? Besides anyone who has done any kind of activity that involves in-depth exercise knows exactly what he was going through. I'll admit it, I've peed on my bike twice. Hell, if I was going to find a toilet and get out of that damn singlet just to piss. Or mess up the time in my best discipline, whheeee there it goes! Should I have not admitted that? Solidarity in bodily functions people, it's how we create community.

Speaking of community I really got to know a few of the people I work out with all the time. But when you take them out of the box (Oh I'll use it here because it's funny) who are they? Are they worth knowing? Why yes, yes they are. No, really. Two of them competed, both of them you already know from this post. Christian one of the coaches I mentioned and Lisa one of the girls in the pics (hint she has red hair). Both of them just wow, you can't imagine until you're part of it. What it's like to see people you know put everything they got into something really hard. There isn't enough words in the English language that you can use to cheer them on with. You get stuck with the same limited words and I personally wish we could make up a new language that is based solely on being able to encourage others when they need it.

Then there is the guy who has the distinct honor of being to entirely incredible for words. I have always had one person, actually always had one guy in my life who catches so much shit it would make a normal human cry. My first impression of Colin was a very intelligent guy who hasn't found his sarcastic voice yet. But Sunday he proved it was alive and kicking. He came back at me every single time. My personal favorite was when the head whatever she was, I just called her Bossy. Was when Bossy told us we couldn't cheer on the people we were judging (that happened). Colin chimed in with, "Kari that means you're going to have to tone down your sparkling personality and cheerful nature." Bam! Nailed it motherfucker, so proud of him. Later on after tons of serious shit taking on both our parts. I realized I had picked a really decent person to give eternal hell too.

I can finally gloat and say my estimation of Christian was dead on. He's so driven, you shoulda seen him throwin all the weights around! Passionate about what he does and the complete opposite of politically correct as you can get. A guy I can really let loose with. He never once even batted an eye while others looked at me in disbelief. People I tone it down here and actually even in CrossFit. I have an awful horrid sense of humor and mouth, but he is totally cool with it (yes!). I hear he's worse than me, challenge accepted, let the games begin. Unfortunately, I was also correct on what would happen if I was to work with him 5 days a week. I have a feeling no matter how professional he is and he is extremely professional. Shit would get out of hand. There is a good chance I'd offend someone or hurt them. It's not like I'd try to hurt them, but I can see myself chucking weights at Christian's head at least once a week. Poor innocents could get in the way....or offended.....or both. The fact is Cody keeps me in line. When he tells me to be good, I at least give it my best effort. I do, no really. Fuck you all.

He won overall men's! 

The whole exhausting day ended with Lisa making us dinner because she hadn't competed, moved mats and loaded up heavy equipment, no wait, yes she had. Despite all of that, she also had to prove she really is a total beast by feeding us all afterward. Ever since I met her, I've said I want to be the CrossFit equivalent of her when I grow up. But God what she said while we were sitting around, geez it made me say, aww and mean it.

While we ate she looked around and said, "This makes my heart happy, having my friends here." If you can hear that and not realize these people who create this place where big bad evil CrossFit happens, are not only worth knowing but actually inspirational. Well, then you're blind, stupid and probably ugly.

Watching people put in their best effort and work through mind blocks, heat and even pain, not to mention a hyper colon. Then getting the chance to find out just how hard working, loyal and all around amazing the people you know personally are. If that doesn't create the very basis of what community entails. Then I don't know what does.

I feel very grateful to be a part of it. Next time, I'll compete alongside them. I don't want to judge them anymore.