Thursday, April 17, 2014

Documented Life-And I give up on keeping track which week it is....Causing this to be the longest title ever

Here we go, ready? Because I got behind posting.

You will notice I did a squat on one of those days. 

Use something someone drew for you.....I have no loved one's or friends. So I used an apron from a make a apron swap, I did years ago. 

 This is where I shut up as promised

 Hi little guy, why so sad? 

Dem flowers and what looks to be crossfit crap. It's crop though, which makes way more sense, right. 

 Use your name and in my case, do it a little twee and then go do a cosplay involving a lot of pink..and ruffles. 


Party animal and after catching up on four pages, just plain sick of it. 


 Use a cardboard food thingie from the kitchen place.

WOAH so profound


My husband really got enthused over the umbrella which leads me to believe everything is wrong about him from judgement to taste. Quite frankly i'm devastated.