Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Why Pout- Documented life err 13? 14? And is it 15?

So I lost all my pictures on my blog. In the realm of life it ain't no big thang. I was able to fix the more important posts (and still working on it). All of my old thrift share posts are pretty much gone. But really.....meh.

I've not been updating what I've done weekly in my Documented Life journal and that is a big ol no can do. If I set a goal I meet it......dagnabit

Prompt- pick two colors and journal the heck out of it

So I took all these pictures with my portrait lens because this week is bound and determined to be nasty and I a little stupid.

Prompt- Put a bird on it! 

You know what I did realize this week? Its an epiphany of sorts. When it comes to art journal type posts, I never read whats said. Like any true addict, I want pictures and a whole lot less chatter. I feel like a guy just saying that. "Woman! Cut the chatter and watch the game!"

Prompt- Use something cut out of a magazine. Ribbit.

So therefore from here on out my art journal blogs will be a lot less chatter and hopefully a whole lot more pictures. Thats of course if I stop being stupid.......this isn't going to happen is it. Shakes fist at genetic roll of the dice. I got big boobs though, which whether you like it or not. Does even the playing field. Spoken like a true man! 

PS thanks to everyone who spoke up on my Dump post. It really was appreciated, so many incredible people in internet land!