Friday, October 18, 2013

Settled In

I'm finally settled into my new life in Portland Oregon. Oh how I love it here!

Spontaneous prose by Powells bookstore? Yes, please! Since I took this picture I've seen Ms. Prose at other pop up places (girl gets around!). She really is the sweetest most bubbly personality. A lot like Portland. Ok Portlanders as a whole do not bubble. But they are genuinely friendly and very cool. I think it might be the rain.

With settling down its time to get to writing again about all I like to babble on about. I do believe this is the longest stint I've gone without blogging. Since I saw you last. I ate a lot of fantastic food in Portland, gained some weight. Decided to do another triathlon (which means the extra weight has got to go). Made a scooter my main mode of transportation. Worked super hard to make Portland home with all of two painting and a couple ferrets......and that crazy guy I married. Found an old friend at a sushi bar. Learned not every place is so hung up on looks like Phoenix is. Learned what it meant to run a hill.  And above all.....whats this you say, vegan/vegetarian options at. every. place. I. eat?  Just keep blowing me away Portland.

So yeah. Here we go.